The Trial of Millicent Malville Nov 2017

Our very own David Crewe wrote this funny comedy courtroom drama based around a murder trial where the audience get to decide the verdict. With such a finale, how could any theatre-goer resist? For the last show, there was such demand that we had to bring in more seats.

The play was performed in the Events Room at the Turner Centre to lend to a trial atmosphere and there were more performances scheduled to compensate for the smaller space. The audience were sworn in as jury and took their role very seriously, concentrating hard as the case unfolded, as presented by defence and prosecution with a cast of amusing witnesses!

Fabulous performance! Executed faultlessly by a talented cast. Doctor Millicent Malville was a standout! (Davina)

A hilarous performance! Congratulations to all cast and crew! Get along and see it this week. Great individual performances! … (Rachael)

A high quality performance by David & crew. Lots of laughs…(Mats)

This really is a must see for all ages, even my fidgety 10 year old was gripped. It is brilliant and we are honoured in our community to have this talent… (Vanessa)

Many thanks indeed to journalist and photographer, Peter de Graaf, for allowing us to use his photos.

And many thanks to Harley Alexander for these stills from his promo film: