Allo Allo 2016

aa-posterThis British TV Comedy series aired a whopping 85 episodes from 1982 onwards and was based on a French cafe owner who tries to ride out World War II without getting into too much trouble. Caught between the Gestapo and the Resistance and forced into working with both, René also struggles to hide evidence of his affairs with the waitresses from his wife, who, though she can’t carry a tune, frequently performs as a singer in the cafe.

The stage play was also penned by the series writers, Lloyd and Croft, and features the legendary painting of “The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies” and a multitude of Hitlers.

Scaling down from Peter Pan, the year before, Allo Allo was staged to invite the audience into an intimate cafe setting in the Turner Centre Plaza. With authentic costumes and a brave attempt at authentic accents, we raised some raucous laughter, and some people enjoyed it so much they saw it twice!

Photos by Flash Gordon Photography