Kerikeri Theatre Company currently aim to stage two productions a year. Here are some photos and information from previous productions.

Oliver! The Musical 2017

With a huge cast and seven performances, this show was Kerikeri Theatre Company’s biggest show to date.

Billy Goes to War

A Kerikeri Theatre Company production following a young Kiwi soldier and his family throughout the Great War. April 2018.

Bugsy Malone 2018

With 55 young cast members, a huge amount of backstage help, a great set by the amazing Kylie Penn, and sppllluuuurge guns galore, this show promises to be a riot!

Frankenstein 2016

A production of Frankenstein the Pantomime by Kerikeri Theatre Company.

Stiff 2014

A production of Stiff by Kerikeri Theatre Company.

Cinderella 2013

A production of Cinderella, the Pantomime, by Kerikeri Theatre Company.