Billy Goes to War: We Want You!

The streets of Kerikeri were the scene of a World War I recruitment drive last weekend for our next production. If you didn’t catch us, we’ll be out again this Saturday, seeking cast members, male and female of all ages over 14 years. Come and find us if you want to know more about claiming a part this acclaimed play. No experience necessary, enthusiasm and dedication essential :


Packhouse Market, Kerikeri – Saturday JAN 27  – 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Turner Centre, Kerikeri – Sunday FEB 4 – starting at 2.30pm.

As a commemoration of the last year of the 1914-18 War, the Kerikeri Theatre Company is staging the acclaimed WW1 drama Billy Goes to War, on the eve of Anzac Day, next April

The production follows the wartime journey of young Kiwi soldier Billy Smith from the disaster of Gallipoli to the muddy, bloody trenches of the Western Front. It tells of the nurses who braved the casualty stations, the life of the families back home, and the progress of the war through the nations involved.

All this, accompanied by famous wartime songs.

Kerikeri Theatre Company already has a strong ensemble of actors for this show, but because of its special nature we’re looking for new people to join the cast, as young soldiers, nurses, civilians, and family members.

Performances will be at the end of April next year. Please be aware that, if you are given a part, you will need to be available to attend ALL your rehearsals.

If you want to find out more you can contact David Crewe, the writer/director, on my email or phone 022 0322 898.

Billy Goes to War 6


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