Two Performances Left of The Trial of Millicent Malville

If you haven’t seen it yet, make some room in your calendar this weekend. Funny, smart and unique, the Trial of Millicent Malville allows you to become part of the jury of a murder trial.


“Fabulous performance! Executed faultlessly by a talented cast. Doctor Millicent Malville was a standout!”

“A hilarous performance! Congratulations to all cast and crew! Get along and see it this week. Great individual performances! You’ll love it”

“We are honoured in our community to have this talent . Go get a ticket NOW!”

Final Performances on:

Friday 17th November at 7 p.m.

Sunday 19th November at 4.30 p.m.

Small audiences only to enhance the jury experience. Adult content.

Only $25 a ticket.

Tickets available from The Turner Centre

PHOTOS: Many thanks to wonderful journalist and photographer Peter de Graaf who has kindly allowed us to include his photos.

Congratulations to Cast and Crew

A great first performance of ‘The Trial of Millicent Malville’ last night at The Turner Centre! The audience were sworn in as jury and took their role very seriously, concentrating hard as the case unfolded, presented by defence and prosecution with a cast of witnesses.

Dr. Millicent Malville had been accused of murdering her husband – a very serious crime, but peppered with great comedic moments. When it came time to give their verdict, there was much debate amongst the audience/jury, who did not take their role lightly!

As for the verdict from last night, apparently it changes with each audience, so will remain secret so as not to sway the next deliberators!

Well done, Cast and Crew. Highly entertaining. And congratulations to David Crewe, who wrote and directed the play.

Please note that this afternoon’s performance is no longer scheduled as it clashed with the Waimate Show, but tickets are selling out for the remaining performances.

Tickets available from The Turner Centre, Kerikeri