Our Next Production is…

‘Oliver!’ by Lionel Bart is a famous, long-running play based on the novel ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens. Full of wonderful songs, a good cast mix of adults and children, and set in the workhouses, inns and slums of Victorian London, Oliver! is going to be a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too. A play where we can truly get our hands dirty!

We are happy to announce the date for auditions, and are also seeking production crew to work behind the scenes. Please note that this is an amateur production, so all roles are voluntary.


Venue: The Events Room at The Turner Centre
Juniors (school age)   2 – 4pm
Adults      4 – 6pm

If you are interested in auditioning for a part in Oliver!, please first check that you will be available for rehearsals and for the performance dates. While some cast will not be required to attend all rehearsals, we need a solid commitment.

If you are a Junior, make sure you have the support of your parent/guardian, a means of transportation, and that the rehearsals do not clash with other activities you have committed to.

Two evenings per week (usually on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)
Plus Sunday afternoon
From 26th March to the 9th of July
(Statutory holidays generally not included)

July 11th to 15th
5 Performances scheduled, to include a Saturday Matinee

Adult cast : approximately 10 actors required (male and female)
Junior cast : approximately 10 actors required (male and female) including Oliver himself
Most of the roles involve some singing, often as part of a chorus. Consequently, you will be required to sing at the auditions.

Please email us, stating whether you need a Junior or Adult pack. This will tell you everything you need to know for the audition.

Please come along on audition day if you’re interested in joining the Production Crew. You’ll find a full list of potential roles on our website below the membership form.

EMAIL :  kerikeritheatrecompany@gmail.com

As we are an amateur production company, enthusiasm and commitment are more important than experience. Email us if you have any questions before the day, or if you can’t make it but would still like to participate.

4 thoughts on “Our Next Production is…

      • Vera Dirksen-Pluijlaar says:

        Hi all, I live in Whangarei now but am in Kerikeri every Monday during School terms giving my Singing lessons at Turner Centre music Studio. If any vocal coaching is needed let me know. I’ve got years of professional experience in vocal coaching Musical Theatre.
        All the best for your production. Oliver is an amazing production and will be much appreciated by the Kerikeri community.
        Vera Dirksen-Pluijlaar verapluylaar@hotmail.com


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